-----庄周 . 逍遥游


In the northern ocean there is a fish, called the Kun, I do not know how many thousand li in size. This Kun changes into a bird, called the Peng. Its back is I do not know how many thousand li in breadth. When it is moved, it flies, its wings obscuring the sky like clouds. When on a voyage, this bird prepares to start for the Southern Ocean, the Celestial Lake.


—— Zhuang Zhou · A Happy Excursion




The Kun of the Northern Ocean turned into the Peng of the Southern Ocean, at the moment of alternating from the tide up to the sky, the back of the thousands of miles spreading from the sea into the clouds, soaring in the wide vast between heaven and earth, being thoroughly remoulded and reborn to a new form of life. Studying the image, it interpreted an intuitive transformation; following the roots, it is the layout derivation and spatial logic given by Dengsheng design to Southeast Plastic Surgery.




The Twin Towers of the Youth Olympic Center are the most modern landmark buildings in Nanjing. They were designed by Zaha Hadid, the famous deconstructionist architect. With the approach of "young people sail far, riding the wind and ploughing the waves." The Twin Towers overlooking Jinling from the top of the city. Southeast Plastic Surgery occupies the tenth and eleventh floors of the North Tower. It extends out into a vast realm where the sea meets the sky, reaching the boundary between dream and reality with artistic reverie, realizing the life desire of getting rid of fetters.




In the lobby, the stacked azure blue rainbow glass undulates like ocean waves, reflecting the light into a shimmering mirage; the winding front desk is glowing with metallic luster, as if it is flowing slowly. With a quick glance, the mood seems to have reached the estuary and precipitated a calm coolness. There are two huge overlapping ring installations on the ceiling. The simple sequence enhances the texture of the space, and adds a sense of ritual and mystery at the same time, which implies that there are infinite possibilities hidden right here, and the unrevealed surprises remain tantalizing.




The whole space is covered by light gray carpets, stepping into which, it is like walking on the beach. The huge glass sliding door is the last barrier to sea level. When you enter through the door, you are already in the deep sea.




The main color of the reception area has been upgraded from azure blue to sapphire blue. The artistic lacquer surface and the metal brushed screen wall are interlaced and interdependent, just like the infinite entanglement between the sea and the sky with the Kun and the Peng. The screen shapes are different, the wall styling changed constantly, and the elements engraved into the texture resemble scales and feathers. Representing the most natural curves of the living, freely swayed and naturally flexible.




The ceiling is paved with a large number of black mirror finished stainless steel. It extends from the entrance to the interier space. The reflection of the mirror expands the visual experience of the limited space, and creates infinite virtual feelings in the constant repetition, where dreams and reality coexist together and the space is no longer a single dimension.




The reddish lava chandelier with a styling that breaks the convention,  is the only warm color in the environment. A blazing temperature is sprayed out, as if a trace of wildness has been awakened, just like the transformation of the Kun and the Peng, or the phoenix’s rebirth from the burning ashes, interpreting rich spatial expressions.




The round coffee table with metal texture and the creamy white curved sofa look like foam floating in the sea, with the posture of pure and light, slowing down the rhythm of the space and realizing static expression in a concise way.




    There’re no obvious physical boundaries in the design of Southeast Plastic Surgery, which not only breaks the shackles of the uniform design of medical space, but also meets the deepest emotional needs of customers. The organic combination of cultural connotation and commercial kernel sealed under the implicit expression which fully embraced the dynamic behaviors and intuitive feelings of human.




The Kun turned into the Peng, the phoenix rises from the burning ashes, these moving legends of rebirth in mythology become a grand welcoming ceremony, which allows everyone who comes here to escape from the real world for a while and open their hearts to embrace a brand new life defined by themselves.